About Us

Sagdiclar, is one of the leader company of the fish and seafood sector in Turkey. The company has 36 years experience.

The compan’s main activity is wholesale and retail trading of culture - sea fish and processed sea products.

Sagdiclar is the exclusive authorized distributor of “PINAR BALIK” which is Turkey’s largest producer of the highest quality sea bass and sea beam fishes.

Sagdiclar is also exclusive agency in Marmara region of “MARINE HARVEST” which is the most important salmon fish producer of the World.

Sagdiclar is one of the largest culture fish wholesalers of the Istanbul and Izmir main fish stock marketplaces. The company is currently handling all sales operations with 54 fresh fish sales departments, placed inside to the Turkey’s largest supermarket chains (i.e Migros, Macrocenter, Carrefour-SA, Kipa Tesco and Ideal Markets). Since 2006, Sagdiclar also have two fish restaurants calling BALIK YE in Istanbul.

Upon the intensive demands of Turkey’s local five star hotel, restaurant, and supermarket chains in 2016, Sagdiclar has established with the latest technology sea products processing facility on 1200 sqm.

With this facility, Sagdiclar provides, fresh and natural fish soup, smoked fish, salt cooked sea products, seabass and salmon meetballs, sea product salads, fish verities in casserole and the fillet fish products.

Sagdiclar provides service to the consumers at a lot of stages of the fishery industry, and continues to growing its organization and investments depends on the market’s demands.