Our Production Facilitiy

Our facility is founded on 1200 m2 area and consists of three parts of processing, storage and management. In our processing area, fish fillets, vide, special type cutting, quick freezing, glazing, heat treating, marinated products and smoked fish are produced. In the storage area of our facility, there are storage lockers of -40, -18 and +4°C and products are kept in necessary temperatures.

In our processing line, quick freezing of whole fish, fish fillets, vide, crustaceans and molluscs are done. In our heat treating line, smoked fish, salt-baked seafood, bass-salmon meatballs, seafood salads, jug-cooked fish and fish fillets are produced, as well as our additive-free and natural fish soup which is produced from bass and offered for sale in market chains for the first time.